Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sept Post, Free Bane, Product Reviews and more!

Ok, So It's been a bit since I posted so I've go quite a few things to cover.
First of all I'm out of the bane suit, no Edueamon this time either. Oh well. I joined the ranks of the operators, so hopefully people won't get stuck in the same problem I was, no operators on when they were in the evening.
So About halfway through something odd happened to me. Someone came to speak to me. Honestly I was afk fixing dinner when it happened but she left a little bot with scripted text above it for me to read so there wouldn't be a contact violation. Which is a really clever idea, but It disappeared just after I noticed it, so I didn't get to see the message.
Plus I'm horrible with names and forgot her name too...sorry if you're reading this, feel free to drop me a line in game sometime.
So I'm cutting this to a very short post because I've got to get to work soon, but after getting out of the suit I went shopping.
Mesmerize Dungeon now carries a set of cuffs as well as their latex lines. On the recommendation of some friends I picked up a set. I had a few problems with bugs in them at first, but after that I've been very satisfied with them.
A solid 4 out of 5 bunneh review. I'll try to get a full review of their features and why it's 4 and not 5 out of 5.
Also she sells a very cute hobble doll dress, which I'm in love with, and would give a good 5 out f 5, even though I do have two small problems with it's design but I'll go into more detail on that later.
Take care peoples I'll be back when I can!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

it's so boring being a BANE if you don't have some rp fantasy to go along with it.
I'm seriously just debating quitting. I've already been through it once. Haven't seen my operator in almost a week now, and just logging on to wait out the timer while i stand in one or two spots and don't get to talk to anyone has stopped being entertaining.
I have to admit I'm still a little bitter over the whole operator thing, I went from having one of the most attentive ones to having an absentee one.
I think this might be my last blog post for a bit, I don't want to turn this into a spot of me whining about how bored I am for the next month.
If something changes I'll keep that posted.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Life as a BANE

So I did some stupid stuff yesterday. Frustrated over being bored I just let SL sit while I watched a video on the TV. Durring that time i'd walk over occasionally to move myself some so I wouldn't get kicked offline.
Well while not paying attention to what I was doing someone decided to walk up to me and try togive me a hug, "CONTACT VIOLATION" which is what made me look back up at the computer and be concerned. So a little bit later my weekly update came in.
+2hr Try Harder B2950
That should teach me to afk while banished.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Real 50th

So I did some counting, and I had one draft stored (which I just deleted) plus 49 total posts (Blogger does not include comments in the count)
So now I really do have 50 posts!
oh, also I turned on anonymous comments so those few people who may have learned about my ramblings but don't have an account to leave a message can still leave messages!
so that's two positive things this post!
Double my promised rate!
Bethany Bunneh

50th post!

So according to blogger this is my 50th post, but i think that includes comments and stuff too.
Banishment is getting along. I've been really busy lately so i haven't been online much. My time is going by so slow I'm barely even getting the "three hour average" that they base release times on, at 84 hours i was like 9 weeks estimated or so, but I'm really behind that.
Haven't seen my operator on in a few days. I wonder what happens with that. I wonder if you can change operators while under banishment. I know she's been online (checked common groups we share) we are just on completely different schedules. It figures the one operator i found who was on the same schedule as myself and she wouldn't do it because it became a hassle for her. Everyone else was either European (at least 6 hour time difference) or they were just on a daytime schedule while I'm at work.
I'm just really frustrated that there was such a huge buildup of my second banishment then some shit happened and it's no where near as much fun as the 2 months build up should have made it.
Not like i can even tell anyone she was the only person i could talk to.
So bored with it this time, at least the first time it made it thrilling because i knew there was someone watching over me who took an active interest in my "rehabilitation" this time I'm just waiting around for nothing.
Sorry if i seem a little bitter about it.

My helmet did something odd earlier today, Someone TP'ed in on me (my fault for standing next to a building with a teleport pad in it) and after a few moments (i'm not sure how long I wasn't looking at the screen at the time so she could have been there for a few minutes before i noticed) i got a contact violation for approaching another bane. even though there were only two people in the sim, myself and this mystery visitor (i forgot her name)

Other then that It's been a lot of standing around.
on an unrelated note. God i miss dominate men. It dosen't even have to be a man, i just really miss people with a good dominate attititude. It's more then just barking out orders it's the whole persona. The few friends I had online that had "It" have all dissapeared. One in the armed forces (well He stopped talking to me long before that when I wouldn't be His girlfriend, that is unless he's horny then he'll talk to me for a little bit about stuff, get bored and go back to videogames, super dominate attitude, little boys mentality still), the other one just dropped off the face of the internet.
Everyone else i flirt/play with online just doesn't have "it". Nothing irritates me more then a guy asking if he can do something every step of the way(there is a difference between asking what a person would like, vs asking for permission to do that thing. For a dominate the first is ok, the second choice isn't.) "can I take this off." or they just completely ignore my half of the Rp (read as "my kinks".)
I've had so many RP partners that would read my profiles (which when i'm out to RP are pretty specific about what I like) and then try to take me out of bondage.
"Oh you're really into restraint? That's cool. Let me unlock all that stuff you took forever to describe to me, you must not want to wearing it since you took so much time writing all that out."
In SL it's not much better. My former Mistress who very much had "IT" in spades retired and I hardly ever talk to her anymore (which is really kind of sad for me). The few other friends I have that are dominate either have "It" but aren't into RP and will just lock stuff (which is fun too in a different way but not nearly as satisfying and requires me to put a lot more 'imagination' into it, so to speak in a fantasy 3d world)
The one friend I have who had both "IT" and could RP well, isn't interested in me and told me flat out one night she found me annoying, (it's a little more complicated then that, i'm paraphrasing the conversation) and even though I've gotten over what she said, and I get her intent even if the wording was a little poorly chosen, I doubt we'll ever get pass the "hey" stage of just saying 'Hi'

One last thing. Marine updated the RLV client again, to work off the newest version of SL but i'm a little scared to update, last thing i need is problems because my helmet doesn't recognize the new version and accuses me of cheating.
I didn't mean to turn this into a long whining post, I write stream of consciousness a lot and it sort of just flowed out. I promise the next time i post it will be positive.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Do i still have readers?

Most of the time this isn't something that I would worry about, though since I took a month off from writing I'm more then curious if I still have any readers left.
So just sound off if you want too, leave an anonymous message or something even if you don't have an account.

Daily BANE update pt 4

So I had a nice little chat with Bluezy last night, got to beg for release and then denied. I tried to walk "home" back to Zhora after meeting with my operator, she took me a few sims over on the mainland to talk to me (her home.) I don't walk around in SL much, i came across two no script parcels of land which were hell to get across, and then got stuck behind a fence and some poorly designed land (who puts an angular ditch behind their fence?) and had to TP when I was one sim away.
Oh well.
Going better but still much more boring then the first time for various reasons.